Are We Obligated To Follow the Constitution?

Here’s a philosophical question for your pondering:  When the US Government has abandoned obedience to the Constitution, are you and I still obligated to obey it?

Our nation’s government was designed in the document we call our Constitution.  While the ink was still wet on its pages, there were plans afoot to violate it.  Indeed, the first Congress violated it severely by forming the First Bank of the United States in 1791—an act for which it had zero constitutional authority—an act that would turn the business of government into a money-making business for the owners of that private bank.  In other words, the governance of the United States was turned immediately into a money-making venture, even though no such purpose for government is listed in the Constitution.

Since then, governmental obedience to the Constitution has become the rare exception, while disobedience to it has become the rule.  Everyone knows this—as much as they are willing to know it—yet almost everyone chooses to do absolutely nothing about it, except for the occasional complaint made to friends.

So here’s a question for you:  If our nation has been taken over by a mercantilist oligarchy—a ruling class of business-driven people who use it for their own profit—then are you and I obligated to abide by the Constitution ourselves?

I happen to be a skilled craftsman who could make a good living by teaching my trade in a state where funds are made available to people who want to learn new skills.  The problem, however, is that these funds come from tax dollars collected by both the state and federal governments, and that no such use for these funds is authorized in the US Constitution.  Being a supporter and promoter of the Rule of Law, I have refrained from making a living by subverting the Constitution.

But is the Constitution really the “supreme law of the land” anymore?  No, it’s not; it’s just a figurehead, a platitude, an empty boast of people clinging to freedoms that are long-since lost.  Why, then, do I continue to behave as if it were not long ago subverted in favor of our de facto government, this mercantilist oligarchy that merely masquerades as a “constitutional republic”?  I’m standing on principle, of course, but one wonders why.  Does my obedience force others to obey?  No.  Does my obedience nullify the de facto government and restore that government that was set in print in 1789?  Of course it doesn’t.

It becomes harder and harder, therefore, to defend my refusal to suckle at the teats of the great mother sow, along with so very many others.  Millions work as employees of unconstitutional federal departments, or of departments who use them to do unconstitutional things.  Others work in the private sector for companies who have federal contracts that are not authorized by the Constitution.  Others take handouts from unconstitutional governmental programs.  Indeed, this is the situation that our current rulers have patently designed; it’s how they want it to be.

Why, then, do I resist?




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