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Down 100 Pounds; 55 More to Go!

My weight as of this morning: 15 March 2023. This is 100 pounds below my all-time high, which was in 2016.

I need to lose 55 pounds to get to 200 pounds, which will be somewhere in the ballpark of a healthy weight for me. And while losing 55 pounds sounds like quite a feat, I am at least encouraged that, as of this morning, I have already lost 100 pounds from my all-time high of 355 (in 2016). It has not been easy, and I expect it to get harder as I go. But for what it’s worth, I do believe I can do it—with help.

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Can’t Endure the Drama

Some have gotten themselves so emotionally conditioned that they simply cannot endure the amount of drama that it would take to improve their lives, or anyone else’s. Thus, they rule themselves out from the improvements, opting to walk away from any chance of improvement, rather than to risk going through a hard emotional time to get there. They would rather endure a situation they hate than to have to endure the emotions involved in change—even change for the better. Did you hear what I said? Even change for the better.

They are slaves, then, to the status quo, and if the status quo is upset for them and they have no choice of maintaining it, their priority will not be in choosing which new option would make for the most excellent life, but which option makes for the least emotional strain. This is because, when it comes down to it, they do believe that the most excellent life is the one with the fewest upset emotions along the way.

So they will walk away from some very excellent possibilities that seem too emotionally expensive to them. And having walked away from all that, they will walk away from you, too, if you’re the sort to risk walking the gauntlet for something better.

The Great Abyss of Silence

Probably one of the hardest parts about being me
Is what I see as the great abyss of silence in this world
About the things that Jack thinks are worthy of great amazement
Or curiosity
Or laughter
Or sadness
Or remorse
Or study
Or conviction
Or praise
Or gratitude
Or action
Or love
Or even of conflict between fellows.

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