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The Surgeon

Scalpel in hand, the surgeon presumes
To exact from the body of human Reality
Only those parts she likes the best
As if Unity and Goodwill and Pleasantness
Might be of some use, resected and laid out
In a stainless steel dish.

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Excellence of Mind Is Excellence of Editing

I have worked for many years on excellence of mindconsidering reality to be a fine rule of thumb, to which my own thoughts and attitudes and intentions and beliefs and decisions should be repaired. I have read all or most of about thirty volumes on the psychology of rational thought, and have also found a great many passages in the holy scriptures that show that God and Jesus alike are consummately rational and truth-loving, and expect the faithful to conform themselves to the truth in all matters.

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“The Fake Get In Where They Fit In”

I saw this meme posted on Facebook and what follows is my response.

The meme seems to presuppose that people are either 100% real or 100% fake, when in actuality, we are a mixed bag—maybe 100% real about this, but not about that.

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No Introduction to Sheol

It is an intriguing fact of the Bible that in no place is God on record as having made any sort of introductory or explanatory statement regarding the nature of the underworld. What can be learned about the nature of the place called Sheol or Hades must be pieced together at our own risk from the brief mentions and hints here and there in the writings―including, if we dare, from extrabiblical documents from the same Hebrew culture that produced the Bible.

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More Like The Animals

I could not tell you what manner of hearsay
Is most readily believed in this world,
But I can tell you that somewhere high
On the list of candidates should go
The sort of report that says that
This thing or that is not important,
And can as such be rightly
Exempted from examination.

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Life and Doctrine

The moral precepts in the Bible are relatively few, while its points of doctrine, and the implications thereof are multitudinous. And the way I see it at this point in my life, we could come close to mastering the former, while we could never master the half of the latter. But instead of going after excellence in morality, so many let that slide, even as they make much ado over their camp’s official doctrines, half-baked as they may be.

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