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One Huge Divide

One huge divide in Christianity is over the question of whether Jesus died so that believers could overcome in their struggle against sin, or so that they wouldn’t have to. The way that people answer that question seems to have a lot to do with what kind of people they are. The ones who are most intent on wanting to be like Jesus, and to be accountable and submissive to him seem to be the most apt to want to overcome their sins. And those who don’t like accountability seem more apt to want to interpret the story of Jesus’ sacrifice as something that absolves them from responsibility for themselves.

“Why Doesn’t Somebody Put a Stop to This?”

When bad things keep happening and you ask that familiar question, “Why doesn’t somebody put a stop to this?”, here are a few supplemental pro-level questions you might also ask if you really want to know the answer to what you’re asking. If you are the reflective sort, these questions can make for hours of good contemplation and discussion:

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