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The Main Battleground

The righteous person thinks
That the main battleground
In the fight between good and evil
Lies in his own heart.
And he will see to his own righteousness first,
No matter the cost.

But the unrighteous person is apt to think
That the main battleground
Lies somewhere outside of him—
Such as in politics or in church
Or in the hearts of others.
And he will excuse his own sins
As of secondary importance
To these.

The Thing & The Questions

(Regarding narcissist impostors and the church, respectively)

I’m going to tell you a thing
That you may not like at first,
But which you can surely accept
If you are willing both to look
And to admit what you see.

And after that, I’m going to ask you
Some questions that you may
Wish ever after I had not asked,
For they are troubling beyond
What many will endure.

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The Delicate Balance Between Truth and Falsehood in this World

The ambitious sort who does not love the truth or the people, wants things like money and power and prestige. And for this, he needs customers, whom he attempts to gain by way of offering goods or services of value. And if he should find his way into the business of religion or politics, he will likely have to pick a camp large enough to suit his needs, and convince them that he holds value for them.

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From the Same Bible

To the one, Christianity is a status gained in a moment—
A door prize acquired simply for having been
In the right place at the right time—
A label by which to confirm himself henceforth—
A guarantee that nothing could go too badly wrong—
For as long as he himself does not peel off the label!
He declares himself a citizen of the eternal kingdom
While still living in his own worldly country
And counts it a fact on the testimony
Of his own say-so.

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