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Plenty and Need

We have plenty of:

  1. Land to grow enough crops and animals to feed everybody on earth.
  2. Sunshine to make it grow.
  3. Water to make it grow.
  4. Air to make it grow.
  5. People to do the work that’s required to make it grow.
  6. Natural resources from which to make clothing and housing for everybody.

Yet, not everybody has adequate food or shelter or clothing.

So, then, what do we need that we don’t have?

Concerning Snakes and Bible Study—and Mostly Evangelism, It Seems

Dear Reader,
Let us have some fun while discussing important things.

I can tell you from experience—

And I’ll just pause right here to let you know in advance (for those who’d rather have a heads-up about this sort of thing) that I’m pausing right here to launch into a little demonstration that I hope will set the stage for the point I’ll make eventually in this ever-lengthening short article—which I hope you will opine at length to be brilliant—the point, that is, and not the article itself—although writing a brilliant article is always a nice accomplishment if you can manage it, I believe—

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Jack’s Nature File

I am dissatisfied with how my life is turning out regarding my involvement in the nature of this planet. I do little more outdoors than to walk for my health most everyday—mostly in a local cemetery in Laurel, MT, which is quiet and beautiful. And so I have decided to study the flora and fauna I see there. I decided to create this page in order to store what I have learned about what I have identified. This is a work in progress. I do not have a very good camera, so most of these photos are borrowed, and are linked back to their origins in the captions.

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I Saw a Snake

Bullsnake in Laurel, MT. I estimate it to have been approximately 4 to 16 feet long.
We both survived the awkward meeting, and can laugh about it now.

I saw a snake—
Quite a large one, actually—
And some days afterward,
When most of the excitement had subsided,
I realized in my quieter moments
That I had begun to feel as if,
By appearing to me unannounced as it had,
The thing had done me wrong,
And owes me an apology.

But I try to be fair about these things,
And I should tell you that
After ample consideration,
I have not yet imagined a way
By which the thing
Might have broken it to me gently
That it was there.