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Excellence of Mind Is Excellence of Editing

I have worked for many years on excellence of mindconsidering reality to be a fine rule of thumb, to which my own thoughts and attitudes and intentions and beliefs and decisions should be repaired. I have read all or most of about thirty volumes on the psychology of rational thought, and have also found a great many passages in the holy scriptures that show that God and Jesus alike are consummately rational and truth-loving, and expect the faithful to conform themselves to the truth in all matters.

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Talking Is Great, But Writing Is Better

Quill and inkwell. Credit.

The older I get, the less impressed I am with talking, and especially with debate, for I observe that it is filled with error—with slips of the tongue and with faulty memory—with biases and with the hard-to-resist influence of common hearsay we so love to repeat as if we knew already it were true. For practically all of us, it seems to me, speech is in too big a hurry, and debate is not a search for the truth, but a contest between those vying for glory.

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“If That Were True, I Would See It”

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Not every true thing is conveniently obvious. And even so, large numbers of people may well operate on the assumption that all true things are—or should be—obvious. It is a common overestimation of human capability, often based on the assumption that what can be detected should be detectable without effort—and more particularly, detectable by our natural human senses.

Here are a few ways it happens:

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10 Freedoms America Will Never Have

Liberty Bell. Credit.

The following are not matters of political opinion, but of the way reality itself seems to work—as observed over many thousands of years of human history. We can wish and pretend and even try to get around the reality—and it seems someone is always trying, or wishing at least—but we’ll never have the following freedoms, because this world simply doesn’t work that way, no matter one’s preferred political party.

The ten freedoms America will never have are these:

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