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On “Identifying” with Our Ancestors

I want to share what my dear wife, Kay, posted on Facebook this morning, and my further response to it (the sharing here of which is her idea—ostensibly in the interests of posterity.) Here’s her post: Considering “identity”. With which … Continue reading

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The Leaf Cloud Theory (of Trees)

What follows is a brief description of my Leaf Cloud Theory of Trees. Perhaps through some sinister government conspiracy, or perhaps only through commonplace institutional dullness, schools in America have taught students for many generations that trees come about through … Continue reading

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Merrily Posteth the Fool!

Here’s one of the best Shakespeare quotations ever!  And my, how it applies to our modern hearsay/Facebook culture! “Merrily posteth the Fool, yet vetteth not, that which he wast but told I had said.” Shakespeare ~ Twelfth Night, Act II, … Continue reading

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Over a Thousand Funerals

Ralph:  You know, they say that Brother Billy is really popular.  He has preached over a thousand funerals in this county! Dale:  That guy’s not really that popular; I think his reputation comes mostly from poor communication.

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Ooh Rah!

NEVADA DESERT, 9 June 2013 –Leaving his exhausted family in the safety of the broken-down car, former Navy SEAL Brian Schad humps it across the desert at sundown, certain that he can be back with a warm McDonald’s breakfast for everyone … Continue reading

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Deep Thoughts About Bathroom Hygiene

As I aspire to be a deep and rational tinker, willing to call into question even the most deeply entrenched tenets of common human wisdom, I find that my thoughts are not always limited to the more traditional topics of … Continue reading

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Observation on the Fitted Sheet

I observe that a properly-folded fitted should should approximate the shape of a basketball.

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Three Snail Jokes

Note:  These three are ready favorites of mine.  I heard them years ago from various sources. Snail Joke #1 Once upon a time, a snail decided to go for a ride on the back of a turtle.  Do you know … Continue reading

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Beer Makers’ Convention

NOTE:  I heard this story years ago and thought it was hilarious, even though I don’t drink beer. The CEOs of all the major beer companies were at dinner one night at their annual Beer Makers’ Convention. The waiter comes … Continue reading

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Striving to Understand Facebook Behavior

I’m not talking in this post about how Facebook continually changes its rules and its format.  Nor am I talking about how they do dirty tricks like sending you friend requests that they made up themselves, or how they post … Continue reading

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