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Gorillas in the NFL as Linemen

Silverback Gorilla

Let us suppose that someone were to figure out how to train Silverback Gorillas to play football. And let us suppose that the gorillas were very good at it—especially, say, at the lineman positions—and outperformed their human counterparts at these positions consistently by 20%. And let us suppose that activists were to take up the cause of equal rights for gorillas, and that rich benefactors were to sponsor lawsuits on behalf of these rights, and that the media were to take up the cause to convince the public about how fair and just this is, and how it’s about time that a society became so enlightened as to break down the traditional barriers in this way.

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The Thing & The Questions

(Regarding narcissist impostors and the church, respectively)

I’m going to tell you a thing
That you may not like at first,
But which you can surely accept
If you are willing both to look
And to admit what you see.

And after that, I’m going to ask you
Some questions that you may
Wish ever after I had not asked,
For they are troubling beyond
What many will endure.

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What Should I Tolerate?

This is such a tough principle to navigate! How much should we “stand our ground”, and how much should we simply let people be the people they are, even if it steps on our toes?

I think this is one of the greatest philosophical questions we face as humans, and how we face it says a great deal about what kind of people we are. (And I don’t think I understand it all myself—just that it’s of huge importance.)

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