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Plenty and Need

We have plenty of:

  1. Land to grow enough crops and animals to feed everybody on earth.
  2. Sunshine to make it grow.
  3. Water to make it grow.
  4. Air to make it grow.
  5. People to do the work that’s required to make it grow.
  6. Natural resources from which to make clothing and housing for everybody.

Yet, not everybody has adequate food or shelter or clothing.

So, then, what do we need that we don’t have?

With His Head Laid on the Block

With his head laid on the block of public service
And the axe within the easy reach of the crowd
He dares to speak a truth that is sure to be
Met with apathy, delight, terror, and rage
By the factions who stand before him,
As depends on their dispositions—
And most of them not the fans
Of truth that they assume
Themselves to be.
But truth is his
And here
He is.