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What Good is that Amazing Brain You Have?

What good is that amazing brain you have—
Created and loaned by the
Greatest Thinker Ever Himself—
When it is under the charge of a tired spirit
Who has grown so weary in this world
As no longer to care about learning
And discovering and verifying,
And who doesn’t care if it
Learns the truth of a matter or not?
You are duller than you think you are.

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Plenty and Need

We have plenty of:

  1. Land to grow enough crops and animals to feed everybody on earth.
  2. Sunshine to make it grow.
  3. Water to make it grow.
  4. Air to make it grow.
  5. People to do the work that’s required to make it grow.
  6. Natural resources from which to make clothing and housing for everybody.

Yet, not everybody has adequate food or shelter or clothing.

So, then, what do we need that we don’t have?

False Hope

He is sinister who trades in false hope,
And yet, the world beats a path to his door.
Just watch them.
They cannot get enough of his catnip.

I have seen them walk right around true hope—
The wisdom of the ages—
To get to the false.
They call evil good and good evil,
Intoxicated with the promise of ease,
And mindless that there’ll be Hell to pay later.

Woe to us!
So vulnerable still to this original scheme—
Barely able to manage our minds
And still unwilling to learn the lesson
Of this world.

We could learn to do better,
But there’s always the hope
That we don’t have to.

How blessed are those few
Who have dared to listen.

Why the Drive to “Grow this City”?

Why the drive to “grow this city?”

Is it because it makes us better people? Does it make us more honest or honorable or loving?

No. It’s because it creates a bigger market in which to make money. And while money is a necessity, it is surely not the proper priority in life. Yet it ranks far too high. And so goes the drive to “grow this city”, while you’ll probably never hear of any initiative aimed at growing our character.