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The Slippery Slope of What God Requires of Man

Christians are all over the place when it comes to their understanding of what God requires of man before he will grant him eternal life in that Holy City. I think that naturally, one could consider the idea that “God requires nothing”, as a possibility to be covered in due diligence, but that once he sets one toe over that line of zero requirement, he steps out onto a slippery slope that will whisk a great many people away to a conclusion that do not find agreeable.

And the question, of course, is whether God finds that conclusion agreeable―whether it is the right and true conclusion, whether we might tend to think so or not. So this article examines that slippery slope, and what seems to be on each end of it, and how most people tend to reason their way up and down that slope, avoiding the landings at both the top and the bottom, preferring instead, the frantic life of trying to live somewhere along the slope itself.

I’ve made a rough list below of example positions below. It is surely imperfect in several ways, yet useful (I hope) in sketching out the gist of the quandary that plagues so many, and the various ways they dispute the particulars.

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An Air of Scorn and Ridicule

He will tell you,
Just as certainly as he tells himself,
That he has set out on a righteous quest of principle
To right the wrongs that plague us all.
And he sets his sights on politics
Or religion―or perhaps on both.

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The Three Camps Concerning Humility

It seems to me that God (and at least some of the prophets who wrote the scriptures) may have had a way of categorizing humans based on the humility they had adopted. It seems to me at present that there may have been three basic categorizations―three “camps”, into which they were divided. Let me introduce the three camps, and then I’ll show you where I find them in scripture.

I. Camp Mocker

The first camp is filled with this who are so averse to humility under God that they scoff at the very idea of it. They are the mockers.

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