Ancient Aliens Debunked

For those of you who are familiar with the History Channel’s series, Ancient Aliens, you’ll want to watch this video that I ran across at YouTube.

I’ve watched several episodes of Ancient Aliens over the past couple of years, with a particular interest in how they explain ancient visits by angels (as recorded in the Bible and similar documents) as visits instead from mortals from other solar systems.  In all this time, I kept telling myself that I’d have to vet their stories someday, but had not begun to do it until now.  I have watched this entire video and find that it accurately and soundly refutes Ancient Aliens on a large number of points—so much so that I now view that series as a deliberate attempt to deceive the audience into believing a theory that is simply not viable.

Here’s an excerpt from the video author’s introduction:

“I hope to show you that this is not a matter of Ancient Aliens getting a few details wrong here and there and their main premise remaining true.  That is not an option in my opinion.  I hope to demonstrate to you that they are wrong, not on some, but on every single point where they assert an ancient astronaut theory to explain evidence, and that often, they are using deceptive means to do this—and sometimes even fabricating evidence to make their points….”

The moral of this story, in my view, is that we are quite at the mercy of history and would do well to believe nothing until we have checked it out for ourselves with a view toward the motives of those purporting to tell us what happened, as well as of the validity of the evidence offered.

Here’s the video.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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