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What Good is that Amazing Brain You Have?

What good is that amazing brain you have—
Created and loaned by the
Greatest Thinker Ever Himself—
When it is under the charge of a tired spirit
Who has grown so weary in this world
As no longer to care about learning
And discovering and verifying,
And who doesn’t care if it
Learns the truth of a matter or not?
You are duller than you think you are.

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The Profile of Irresponsibility

I think a lot about what kind of people we are, and about what tends to go wrong in our lives. It’s complicated business in one way, yet in another, it may be fairly simple.

Our lives are set into this real world, without us asking to be put here. And while we’re here, we learn (to some degree) and we make lots of choices (good and bad). And we draw lots of conclusions about what the world is like and what our role in it should be. The following ten items are things that many seem not to learn to love very much while they are here. And I cannot help but to believe that the world would be a much better place if more people did love these things more:

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