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13 Simple Steps to Culling the Gun Control Memes

ITEMS NEEDED: Large table, printer, paper, trash can.

Sorting through the multitude of gun control memes can be overwhelming. So I suggest culling out the ones that cheat, so that you can focus on the best ones. Here are 13 easy steps to clear the table of all but the best gun control ideas.

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We Look Back in Disbelief

We look back in disbelief
At the horror of the sins and errors
Of a generation past,
Shaking our heads
At how anybody could have
Been involved in that,
And glad that we know better ourselves.

But surely our generation
Has its own sins and errors,
And in time,
Others will look back on us
In similar disbelief.

And we will have spent our time
Saying too often,
“We thank you, Lord, that we
are not like those sinners from the past.”