About Anti War

Like practically all people who are in the least concerned about morality and justice, I believe myself to be against unjust war.  The real question about any person in this regard, however, is just how they define “unjust”.

I find that most people would readily claim to be against “unjust” war, yet they never investigate any war to determine whether it is just.  Further, they have no defined paradigms against which to measure a war.  Rather, they seem to be quite content to gather their opinion from the majority nearest them, in most cases.  That is, if “everybody” is saying that some certain war is justified, they’re quite content to go along for the ride.

This category of posts (linked to under the “Anti War” link in the navigation bar above) concerns, in particular, the current rush to war in Iran, which I believe to be unjustified by morally acceptable standards.  In the posts relating this topic, I intend to make logical and factual arguments, assuming nothing and avoiding hearsay at all costs.