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Our Man Falters at the Fork

Fork In the Road for Brunslow. Credit.

A man walks the road of life,
Caring as he cares along the way
And doing as he does—
And enjoying the routine
As he may.

And if he walks long enough, he will
Surely come to a dilemma of the sort
Where the road will not go where he wants,
And stubbornly presents two undesirable options—

The one being that some certain problem
In this world cannot be solved without
The inspiring and organizing of many people
To pull together in the same direction—

And the other being that he has
Chanced upon a problem that
Simply cannot be solved at all,
And must rather be endured.

And this is the fork at which
It’s sometimes hard to tell
Which of these two distasteful ideas
A person will have a harder
Time accepting.

And being like so many others,
Our man falters at the fork,
Not liking either option of the two,
And choosing instead the surprising third—

Which is to march in place,
Still caring as he cares
And doing as he does—
As if expecting that some better option
Should soon present itself—
And until then,
Counting his caring
And his doing
As his proper duty—
And his marching in place
As progress.

Looking for a Reason to Shut You Down

Wikimedia Commons Credit

Do you understand that
The moment you start to introduce
New material for the consideration of the typical audience,
The minds of most of them begin immediately to
Look for a reason not to consider it?

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The Economic System We Have and the Amazing One I Want!

Here are four various economic systems, explained in brief fashion from my point of view.

Capitalism is where people swim at their own risk as they try to earn for themselves what they want—despite the fact that there’s always danger to the society from the powerful among the greedy and corrupt.

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Three Reasons I Can’t Serve on the School Board

School Board and Policies - Upper Dauphin Area School District

There are three reasons (at least) that I can’t serve on the School Board. The first two are because I’m a freak, and the last one—well, I’ll tell you at the end, if you read that far.

When they swear me in, they’re going to ask me to take an oath to support the Constitution. But I’m not going to take an oath I can’t keep. And if I don’t take it, they won’t let me hold the office—even though the people voted for me. And what they expect of me is simply to lie like everybody else. But I won’t. So that makes me a freak.

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