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The Economic System We Have and the Amazing One I Want!

Here are four various economic systems, explained in brief fashion from my point of view.

Capitalism is where people swim at their own risk as they try to earn for themselves what they want—despite the fact that there’s always danger to the society from the powerful among the greedy and corrupt.

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Fake Money

Once fake money is introduced into an economy, the people who print it have nearly-unlimited power to do whatever they’d like to remake the society as they want it to be. And this leaves few easily-traceable footprints other than inflation—and inflation may be convincingly explained to many as the result of other less-alarming causes. Indeed, few will be willing to believe that anyone could play a game at that level with their society, and will be glad to lay the blame on something other than what it really is.

Plenty and Need

We have plenty of:

  1. Land to grow enough crops and animals to feed everybody on earth.
  2. Sunshine to make it grow.
  3. Water to make it grow.
  4. Air to make it grow.
  5. People to do the work that’s required to make it grow.
  6. Natural resources from which to make clothing and housing for everybody.

Yet, not everybody has adequate food or shelter or clothing.

So, then, what do we need that we don’t have?

Life Outside the Market

Let us all give thanks
For the Internet and email and text messages and TV and radio—
Those unassailable domains of the marketers,
Who, being the heirs apparent of all humanity,
Have brought our race finally to this glorious maturity,
Born again by way of the ever-gushing font of ads—
That life-giving stream, as from Eden itself—
Without which no one could ever know
What to think of himself
Or what he needs
Or how to find
His own way
To market!

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