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The Well-Established Menace

What the well-established menace to society requires this to thrive is this: His own will to violate the good order of the society must exceed the combined will of the rest to maintain that order. Thus does the one man’s continual transgression serve to condemn the apathetic hordes, who might otherwise have put him out already with but a flick of the public wrist.

Jack’s Quick Predictions for America in 2024

Books and books could be written about why I believe what follows, but I have forced myself to keep it very brief. And if you want to understand my reasons (beyond the tidbits of reason that are interspersed with my predictions below), you’ll need to contact me privately, or get busy reading my writings on such things. (Almost no one ever does.)

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“The Fake Get In Where They Fit In”

I saw this meme posted on Facebook and what follows is my response.

The meme seems to presuppose that people are either 100% real or 100% fake, when in actuality, we are a mixed bag—maybe 100% real about this, but not about that.

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The New Old World

There are three particular things I will not suppose, and one that I will.

I dare not suppose I can fully understand from my American home in this “New World” the perspective of those who live in the old country―for whom our one or two handsful of American generations would seem but a cute beginning.

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If By Some New Magic

Blind Justice. Credit.

If by some new magic, this land should suddenly
See justice done swiftly and impartially
In government and business alike
With no tyrant or scoundrel ever again
Escaping what is due him by law
America would soon discover not only
What peace and order she has been missing,
But the security that comes from having the leaders
Fear crossing that dreadful line beyond which
Cheating is not an option.

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