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Facebook! Facebook!

Facebook! Facebook! Every day! ‘Tis here we while our lives away. Posting, liking, sharing—we Our vanishing humanity. Posting memes, and sharing, too, There’s always something more to do. It’s oh such fun! And wait, there’s more; Now potty time is … Continue reading

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Pelham’s Rule of Screaming

Screaming is for emergencies. It is for situations such as those in which the dad needs to bring the gun, or for which the fire department needs to be called. It is not for play any more than dialing 9-1-1 … Continue reading

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What A Dad Can Do

In the middle of a remodeling project today, I (accidentally) broke a water line, creating a gusher flowing from the wall of the bathroom underneath the sink.  Naturally, this provided fun for the whole family as we engineered a way … Continue reading

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The Dishonesty of Drive-By Assertions

What’s a “drive-by assertion”?  It’s my name for an assertion that one makes and thereafter dodges rational debate on the matter. Here are a few varied scenarios that I believe to be typical of what’s going on in our cavalier … Continue reading

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Sour Milk

I watched one morning as a college roommate of mine shuffled sleepily into the kitchen.  He poured a cup of coffee and reached into the refrigerator for the milk jug.  He removed the cap and took the obligatory sniff, at … Continue reading

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