Where Did The Towers Go?

I just finished reading Where Did The Towers Go: The evidence of directed free-energy technology on 9/11 by Dr. Judy Wood.

The book examines 9/11 evidence rarely discussed in the mainstream media, such as:

  • The rubble pile was not remotely big enough to account for 500,000 tons of building material.
  • 1,400 toasted cars at street level, 1,000 feet below the initial building damage.
  • Many cars at street level were overturned, and several people (pedestrians) reported having been levitated as they were trying to run away from the dust clouds.
  • Multiple fireman air tanks exploded at street level.
  • Hurricane Erin radically changed course at the same time that the New York events began to unfold.
  • Major distortions in the earth’s magnetic fields accompanied the main events of that day.
  • Multiple people in the towers were seen disrobing as they clung to the ledges and windows.
  • The buildings disintegrated faster than they possibly could have disintegrated by “pancaking” (the official story).
  • The buildings did not disintegrate in typical fashion for controlled demolition (as a growing number of people believe).   (There were numerous points disproving controlled demolition theories.)

Wood points out that the anomalies witnessed in the 9/11 evidence are quite consistent with the Tesla-Hutchison Effect, whereby interfering electro-magnetic fields have been witnessed to cause certain materials to behave outside of their normal behavior.

Woods does not address “whodunnit”.  That is simply outside the scope of her work, and she acknowledges that addressing that question would tend to color or otherwise discredit her investigation of the facts of “what happened”.

This is a fascinating and troubling book that soundly refutes the official (pancaking) story, as well as the ever-growing theory of Architects and  Engineers for 911 Truth.

Interestingly, there does not appear to be even one mention of “Judy Wood” or “Where did the towers go” at the website of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth.


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