Temporary Ekklesia Theory

The Temporary Ekklesia Theory is a theory of mine that, if true, would tend to explain a great deal about the state of the Church today and why it bears so little resemblance to the success, power, and glory that we witness in the accounts of the original ekklesia in the Bible.

It’s quite a “radical” theory, I suppose, yet I hold that a “radical” explanation is necessary if one is to account (honestly) for the present state of the Church, as well as to keep God still faithful, willing, and powerful.

There are a thousand implications—much too much for a casual study.

This is yet another work in progress, and is one of the primary projects I’ll be working on once I am appropriately funded.


PS.  I’m sure I’ll be branded a heretic for this theory!  Others will remain safe, however, for simply avoiding the questions and anomalies for which I have strived to find answers.

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