Now write that down!

My mom told me this joke a few years back and it seemed like a keeper to me.

An aging couple were having problems with their short-term memory.  In the course of time, they decided they’d ask the family doctor about it to see if he had any way to treat it.

“Well, there’s nothing I can prescribe for memory loss, but as a matter of practical advice, I’d suggest that you start writing things down as a mnemonic aid.”

The couple thanked him kindly and went back home.

Later that day the husband announces to the wife, “I’m going to the kitchen for some ice cream.  Would you like me to bring you some?”

“Yes, thank you.  There’s some chocolate ice cream in the freezer behind the strawberry.  Please bring me some of that.”

“Yes, mam,” he said, and began to walk toward the kitchen.

“Now write that down!”, she reminded him.

“I don’t need to write that down.  I can remember chocolate ice cream.”  His voice was fading as he walked down the hall.

“Oh,” she called after him, “I also want Cool Whip on that.”

“OK”, she heard.

“Now you better write that down.”

“I don’t need to write that…..”

“Oh, and please put a cherry on top, too.”

“You got it!”  He was already in the kitchen, but she could still hear him.

“Now you better write all that down, dear so you don’t…”

“I don’t need to write that down,” he mumbled, though she probably didn’t hear it.

Thirty minutes later, the husband proudly walks into the living room and presents his wife with a plate of bacon and eggs.

“I told you to write that down!” she protested.  “Where’s my toast?!”


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