Beer Makers’ Convention

NOTE:  I heard this story years ago and thought it was hilarious, even though I don’t drink beer.

The CEOs of all the major beer companies were at dinner one night at their annual Beer Makers’ Convention. The waiter comes out and asks, “May I get you gentlemen started with something to drink before I take your meal orders?”

Never one to be shy, the CEO from Budweiser pipes up, “King of Beers for me; I’ll take a Bud.” Everybody else moans and rolls their eyes, but without missing a beat, the Miller guy chimes in next, “I’d say it’s about Miller Time for me!” And so it goes all the way around the table, each of them shamelessly plugging his own product.

The last one to order is the guy from Guinness, who surprises everybody when he says, “I’ll have a Coke, thanks.”

The CEO from Budweiser, who is seated right next to him, says, “I thought for sure you would order a Guinness.”

“Well, replied the Guinness CEO, “I figured since nobody else was having a beer, I wouldn’t either.”

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