Like a Suit

Fits me funny—
Like a suit
I would not have
Picked out for myself.

But I trust my tailor.



Note:  I have certainly progressed over the years since I penned this thought.  I do not find it awkward now.  Instead, I see the occasional glimpses of pride and do my best to analyze my own behavior accordingly.  At the time I wrote this, I was in a controlling church where I was often accused of “being prideful”, primary as a means of shutting down my critical thought processes.  This is not to say that I was never proud at that time, but that the rebukes I got for it were often offered insincerely and for ulterior motives.  That served to confuse the issue even more, for I was ever being told that I “think too much” when the exact opposite was the truth!  Trying to “be humble”, therefore, by “not thinking too much” is a fool’s errand!

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