10 Quick Tips for Choosing a Political Party

Far be it from me to tell anybody to which political party he or she should belong, but for those of you who may be giving the issue some thought, I’ve written a few tips below for your own private consideration.  Your primary goal—and I can’t stress this enough—should be to make a decision that is easy—both easy to make and easy to justify down the road.  What you do not want to do is to put too much thought into it, to analyze anything, or to have to give careful consideration to the results of your choice later.  So just pick your favorite question from the easy list below and answer it.  Then find the political party that best matches your answer.  It’s just that easy!

  1. Decide which should get the most entitlements:  People or corporations?
  2. Decide which of the several human rights you would most like to see violated.
  3. Would you like to see government grow fast or really fast?
  4. Decide which industries you would most like to see be protected against free market competition.
  5. Decide which are your favorite ways of violating the Constitution.
  6. Decide which is your favorite side of the false left-brain/right-brain paradigm.  (“Logic vs. Emotion”)
  7. To which party do your parents or your friends belong?
  8. What would Justin Bieber do?
  9. Which party sucks the least?
  10. Heads or tails?

Remember, what you do not want to do is to overthink this.  Some people will get all caught up in actually trying to formulate valid answers to some of these questions, but they totally miss the beauty of the exercise.  No, what you want to do here is to “shoot from the hip”.  After all, our political parties work really hard at choosing their platforms so that you don’t really have to do a thing.  Why should you work hard to figure it all out when they’ve already been there, done that?

Anyway, I hope this short exercise has been helpful to those of you who have been wondering if you’re in the right political party.  My hope for you is to be able to put the question to rest quickly, and not to be bothered with it again.  And while we’re on that topic, I hope you will pay no attention to those malcontents who are always complaining that it doesn’t seem to make any difference which party is in power.  To me, it makes a lot of difference.  For example, I would much rather see the Fifth Amendment violated than the Second Amendment.  No, wait, let’s change that to the Tenth and the Fourth.  OK, I’m not sure on that one, either.  I’ll have to get back to you on this after I take a break from reflecting on it; It’ll be much easier to decide after having cleared my mind of the issues!

NOTE: I belong to no political party and am not aware of any party that actually seeks to restore the US to the rule of law under our Constitution, or under any improvement thereupon.  While I have my doubts about the minor parties, I’m fairly convinced by the circumstantial evidence that the two major parties are patently corrupt at the top levels, and are run by a single cartel that profits no matter which “side” is in control at the time.


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