Go ahead, turn the page

Go ahead
Turn the page
Dance the dance
Rage the rage

Speak the speech
Seize the day
Spell it out
Lead the way

Dare the sky
Dare the sea
Dare the you
Dare the me

Cry the cry
Sing the song
Dance the right
Mourn the wrong

Build the thought
Nurse the pen
Sweat the ink
Pierce the skin

Pierce the heart
Shake the mind
Touch the soul
Find the find

Mirror truth
Mirror lie
Paint the is
Sketch the why

Point to when
Teach the how
Plead the why
Hawk the now

Write me love
Write me changed
Write my fears

Write me hope
Write me heart
Write me you
Be the art

Watch me grow
Watch me fight
Watch my dark
Turn to light

Write me love
Write me you
Trust the gift
Trust Him too

Dance the dance
Rage the rage
Go ahead
Turn the page…


Note:  I wrote this for a dear friend sometime in the late 90s.  As I recall, I presented it handwritten into the beginning pages of a blank book, in which I encouraged my friend to make a habit of writing her keener thoughts.  Whether she has ever done so, I do not know, but I resurrect this piece because it strikes me today with the same zeal and import that prompted it all those years ago.  The years from then until now have largely been spent dismantling and rebuilding the things I thought I knew about life.  Whether I have yet got it right to any appreciable degree remains to be judged by history, of course, but I believe I am yet closer than ever and the constant tweaking continues now as a way of life.

At some point, it only makes sense to share a good thing, the risks and expenses notwithstanding.  Life is short; why not do something extraordinary while we are here?



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