Pelham’s Law of the Tyranny of the Masses

Pelham’s Law of the Tyranny of the Masses:  The citizens become collectively complicit in tyranny when they allow it to flourish.

Corollary 1:  Neither ignorance, fear, distraction, nor apathy excuse the citizens from purging tyranny.  Nor does participation in failing solutions and/or organizations excuse the citizen.

Corollary 2:  The more corrupt of mind is the public, the more likely are they to blame their sad state on the government or on competing factions instead fixing it themselves.

Corollary 3:  Those who pretend not to be responsible for the society in which they live comprise that society’s deadliest cancer, whether by way of passive sloth or even of religious separation from it.

Corollary 4:  Those who partake in unlawful benefits from the public treasury are as guilty as the tyrants who offer such benefits.

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