My Fear

The encroachments of government against liberty, decency, and justice in the United States seem to be accelerating.  Spying on the citizens in various ways, forcing us to buy insurance, forcing us to vaccinate our kids with toxic drugs, making ammunition unavailable, protecting megacorporations who are poisoning the food chain with their inventions, robbing our pockets with the inflation of our money, positioning to take our guns away, positioning to take ownership of our kids, giving away our treasury in “aid” to foreign nations, protecting government officials from prosecution for illegal acts…..

All these things and more seem to be happening in increasing measure, and I fear that they are pushing the public farther and faster than the public will long bear.  What happens then is that the public (finally) begins to push back.  And then, no matter who fires the first shot, the shooting will start.  And at that point, the Federal Government of the United States will consider itself to be under attack.

The question, therefore, is what will they do if they consider themselves to be under attack?  Will they act responsibly and prudently?  Or will they further exceed their rightful powers?

Don’t be surprised if you find that the following occur:

1. Loss of electricity.
2. Loss of cell phone and land line signal.
3. Loss of Internet signal.
4. Loss of TV and Radio communications—except for those stations that the government commandeers and forces to report only government propaganda.
5. Shutdown of the Interstate Highway system….including the millions of trucks that bring food and other necessities into your city every day.

The first four of these things would be fairly easy for the Feds to do.  And once they are done, the fifth one becomes fairly easy.

Many of us bemoan the fact that Americans are too “distracted” with work and entertainment to be as involved in politics as they should be.  But when America can’t see, and when it can no longer communicate, and when it can’t find food at the grocery store, “distraction” seems like the ultimate understatement.

Republicans and Democrats alike have stood idly by to watch the government gain the power to do all these things.  And now that the government has it, it appears to be posing an imminent threat against the very people they were chartered to protect.  Our government has become self-aware and self-interested and self-preserving.  This is not good, folks.  Nothing good can come from it.

Those of you who are planning on waving your flags this Thursday as if “things aren’t that bad”….. well, you might not be paying attention now, but you’re going to have a hard time not paying attention when you are starving and in the dark.

We COULD have kept this from happening.  And perhaps we still can, but it would take a nearly-miraculous rate of mind changing to convert America’s attitude in time for her to keep herself from falling apart.  We are currently but a house of cards.

I have no idea how long it will last.  Weeks?  Years?  But I can tell you this with confidence: if this present trend continues, a total crash is indeed inevitable.  And it seems to me that things are obviously accelerating.

Perhaps it’s finally time that we all gave our situation the deep thought that it truly deserves, rather than pretending that we can afford to ignore it.

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