Consumers Make The World Go ‘Round

Of all the millions of products, services, ideas, and causes that some salesman would deliberately try to sell you, how many of them are actually GOOD for you?

And how many are actually BAD for you?

How many would actually HARM you, and the salesman simply doesn’t care because all he wants is your money?

If you can get your hands (and your mind) around these questions, you can begin to get a grasp on just how corrupt is the world in which we live.  Thousands of times each week you are approached (in one way or another) to get you to buy into something that’s going to harm you or somebody else.

And how many times a week do you say “yes”?  How many times each week do you actually SUPPORT such schemes with your money, your time, or your endorsement?

How many times each week to you “like” or “share” some such scheme on Facebook, promoting it to your friends?

Consumers do not like to assume responsibility for their actions, but it turns out that the consumer mentality is NECESSARY amongst the public if the scoundrels who would hurt us for a buck are going to succeed.

You bought into “arch support” and “low-fat diet” and immunizations and “war is good for the economy” and pesticides and herbicides and hormone injections for meat animals and all manner of church doctrines that cannot be supported from the Bible.  You bought into the government raising and training your children and you accepted it is natural that we should all weigh 300 pounds and spend our senior years plagued with various ailments.  You bought into all the drugs and treatments and frequent doctor visits.  You bought into processed foods and convenience.  You bought into incessant wars as somehow “making the world safe” and if you’re like most Americans, you buy into your same elected officials, over and over and over again, even though you know of SHOULD know that they are bad.

You bought into the US being a “Democracy” even though it is a Mercantilist Oligarchy operating in the guise of a Constitutional Republic.  You bought into credit card debt.  You bought into trading your weekly work hours to a company that undervalues your time and abilities.  Perhaps you even bought into a job that exists because of some unconstitutional practice, such as a federal grant.  You bought into a college degree, though they help relatively few people.  You bought into foods that say “healthy” and “natural” on the label.  You bought into the idea that a clean and healthy house is filled with chemicals.  You bought into the idea that drinking water should be laced with chlorine and fluoride, and that table salt needs iodide in it.  You bought into the idea that Genetically Modified Organisms are safe to eat, and that the sudden appearance of Diabetes and “gluten intolerance” and “wheat belly” are just “natural” and are not worthy of investigation.

If ANY of these ideas are new to you as you read, then you have been doing more buying than thinking.  I could go on and on, of course.  Indeed, I’m still learning myself.  And the more I learn, the more I “drop out” from the marketplace.

It’s people like you, disinformed Consumer, who make our world go around—because if you were actually VETTING any of these ideas before buying into them, you’d never buy in.  The tyrants and scoundrels THRIVE because of your “cognitive miser” mentality.

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