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Why Abortion Rights Are Likely to Keep Increasing, Despite the Wishes of So Many

The State of New York recently shocked the nation by signing into bill a significant increase in abortion rights, now allowing the practice up until the time of birth.  This reflective post takes a fresh look at the situation and … Continue reading

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The Tyranny of the Offended

When is it a foul to cry, “FOUL!”?  And what evil can be worked by making the charge falsely? To be sure, there are many offenders in this world–many abusers, manipulators, and cheaters.  Many who are violent and vile and … Continue reading

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15 Tough Questions About the Heinous Acts of Young People

In the wake of the Parkland, FL school shootings, the details of which I have not studied, and about which I will not comment any further, here are some tough questions for America’s consideration–and no, they’re not about gun control, … Continue reading

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