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The Great Abyss of Silence

Probably one of the hardest parts about being me
Is what I see as the great abyss of silence in this world
About the things that Jack thinks are worthy of great amazement
Or curiosity
Or laughter
Or sadness
Or remorse
Or study
Or conviction
Or praise
Or gratitude
Or action
Or love
Or even of conflict between fellows.

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Censorship in the Name of Avoiding Social Media “Silos”

I’m listening to a podcast discussion in which both sides are pretty clearly sympathetic to a certain mega social media platform and its attempts to regulate free speech in the name of keeping the members from “getting into silos”. The idea of the discussion is that you have to step in and regulate things, or else, the participants in the community will be drawn only to the camps that gather around their own favorite points of view. And so the hunt is on, it seems, for the most effective and efficient ways to do this—apparently, to inject an alternate point of view into discussions on the platform.

And is anything wrong with this?

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