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Death, Grief, and Disappointment

This article is in honor of the anniversary (yesterday) of the death of our daughter, Virginia Grace Pelham, born with Trisomy-18 on February 3, 2006.  She died 21 days later, having lived out the time that her malformed body was … Continue reading

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Some Things to Ponder During the Great Gun Debate

This post is a reworking of some thoughts I recently posted on Facebook. As the nation considers taking away (some or all) gun rights from the public, so as to make incidents like the Parkland, FL massacre less likely to … Continue reading

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15 Tough Questions About the Heinous Acts of Young People

In the wake of the Parkland, FL school shootings, the details of which I have not studied, and about which I will not comment any further, here are some tough questions for America’s consideration–and no, they’re not about gun control, … Continue reading

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Why I’ve Stopped Watching Football

Though I quite enjoy many things about watching my favorite team play football, I don’t like what it does to me as a person.  So I’m done.  It’s a matter of first things first, my personal authenticity taking precedence over … Continue reading

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The Allure of Compromise and Its Failure To Keep Its Promises

One friend’s teenage son complains that there ought to be some “middle ground” between the uber-healthy foods his mom provides, and the convenient, tasty, and unhealthy snacks he finds at his friends’ houses.  This idea of a “middle ground” has … Continue reading

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Why Does the Bible Warn So Much Against Being Deceived?

There are many warnings in the Bible against being deceived.  Here are three from the New Testament to get our study started: 1 Corinthians 15:33 Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals.” Galatians 6:7  Do not be deceived: God is not … Continue reading

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Borrowing from Due Diligence

All my life, I have borrowed from due diligence in order to invest in things I have considered to be more important. As it has turned out so far, those investments have not generally been frivolous, but have been sunk … Continue reading

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An Epiphany About Liberty

A few folks in our culture prod us to restore our liberty, standing up against the constant encroachments of the federal government and the bankers who seem to own those who govern, driving their behavior.  I have certainly been among … Continue reading

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Facebook! Facebook!

Facebook! Facebook! Every day! ‘Tis here we while our lives away. Posting, liking, sharing—we Our vanishing humanity. Posting memes, and sharing, too, There’s always something more to do. It’s oh such fun! And wait, there’s more; Now potty time is … Continue reading

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This Week in Baltimore: A Showcase of Cognitive Biases

This past week has provided an excellent opportunity to observe people’s cognitive biases. The situation in Baltimore has prompted many to show those corrupted mini-programs of thinking that run automatically through their minds. We have seen many various biases at … Continue reading

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