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The Tyranny of the Offended

When is it a foul to cry, “FOUL!”?  And what evil can be worked by making the charge falsely? To be sure, there are many offenders in this world–many abusers, manipulators, and cheaters.  Many who are violent and vile and … Continue reading

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Some Things to Ponder During the Great Gun Debate

This post is a reworking of some thoughts I recently posted on Facebook. As the nation considers taking away (some or all) gun rights from the public, so as to make incidents like the Parkland, FL massacre less likely to … Continue reading

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Choosing Between Church And God

If you are a member of a church, you are frequently called upon to choose between church and God.  Let me spell it out for you. When you were young, there was always some kid around encouraging you to do … Continue reading

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To Critics of Home Schooling

With suspicion you question people’s motives for and methods of home schooling. You are fairly certain that something must be wrong with it. It only seems right to you, since what we do is so different from what you do. … Continue reading

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Could We Please Get Over This Ignorant Literal/Figurative Debate About the Bible?

I hear it practically every day—someone confidently affirming that “the Bible is literal” or that “the Bible is figurative”. Let me go ahead and state quite unapologetically that both are rather ignorant positions that bring this passage of scripture strongly … Continue reading

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Understanding How Bias Works in Bible Translators and Bible Readers

A great deal could be written concerning the processes and issues of Bible translation, but in this article, I have one particular goal in mind:  I want to talk about how translators sometimes come upon a word or phrase that … Continue reading

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How People Think About The Bible

I couldn’t get sleepy last night at the usual hour so I decided to stay up and do the poor man’s version of a massive survey on how people think about the Bible.  What I found deserves some attention. What … Continue reading

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SURVEY: Your Outlook on Life

What is your outlook on life? Here’s an early draft of a survey I’ve building as a pre-reading survey for the book I’m writing.  Sorry, but it’s not going to analyze your answers and give you some result—so it’s probably … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Believers

One man derives his beliefs by taking an idea that seems valuable or desirable to him and enshrining it in multiple layers of stubborn refusal to believe anything contrary to it.  He guards it and even builds his own identity … Continue reading

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Pelham’s Law of Social Dissonance

In a relativist culture, the more beliefs one person communicates to another, the greater the likelihood that dissonance between their conflicting beliefs will spur the listener not to like the one communicating. In a culture (or subculture) in which people … Continue reading

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