On the American Character

NOTE:  The first installment of this book is now published as a free online book at www.characternotincluded.com.

I’ve been working for three or four years on a book that I hope to publish online this coming winter.  In short, while many are in the habit of blaming “Washington” for our political woes, my argument is that our fundamental issue is the low aggregate character of the American citizenry.  That is, we do not, in the aggregate, possess the high character that would be necessary for a people who are the overseers of their own government.

If we do not properly diagnose our “disease”, how shall we ever prescribe the right “cure”?  Yet we go on blaming the Demublicans or the Republicrats, or Washington in general.  And we carry on as if it is impossible for us to do anything about it.  Yet our real problem lies in our most intimate realms, where we have more control than in any other realm that exists; it is our own thinking and our own character that needs work.  It is this that America must fix before she can fix anything else!

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