Character Not Included

Finally, after 6 years, I have published the first installment of my new book:

Character Not Included: What America must fix before she can fix anything else

The book is published in website format and can be read for free and without any subscription.

Character Not Included argues that, contrary to conventional American wisdom, our greatest political woe in the United States is not “Washington”, but the people themselves. Simply put, we are not currently exhibiting the level of aggregate character necessary to make for good overseers of our own government.  If we have got the diagnosis wrong, then it’s no wonder that our “solutions” are not working.

Future installments of the book are coming, but the timing of them may be somewhat dependent upon the response I get to the first installment, which is available for reading as of today.  I released it early as something of a market test to help me determine which projects should be priorities and which can continue on the slow boat.

If you like the book, or at least its concept, please be sure to “like” it on Facebook.  The book can be accessed through the hyperlinked title above, and I have built a Facebook page for it at:





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