“Come, Lord Jesus!”

It’s easy enough for you to say,
“Come, Lord Jesus!”.
But if he did,
Then it wouldn’t just be
You saying religious stuff.
No, it would be you saying religious stuff
And Jesus standing there
Hearing you say it—
Face to face.

And that’s different,
Because he might just have
Something to say.
He might just have some
Opinions to share
On your beliefs
And your practices
And your character—
Where most people never
Talk to you about such things.

And the whole situation
Would be different for you
From how it is now—
Where it’s just you
Saying whatever it is that you say,
And then making whatever you make of it.

And chances are good that
That holiest
And smartest
And wisest
Mind ever
Would correct you on some things
And expect you to change your mind
On this or that,
And to change your ways
Here and there.

And then it would be interesting to see
Whether you would say,
“Go, Lord Jesus!”

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