There Is the Most Fascinating Phenomenon

There is the most fascinating phenomenon
Ever in play in this troubled world—
Darkened as it is by its own choice
And deserving its darkness.

It is as if there were a portal of the mind
To another world, the better to this—
Where goodness needs no inventing
But only discovering.

And the rule seems to be that
Those who seek the Light
Of that better world
May indeed find it,
While those who
Do not seek it
May not.

And thus are we separated here
By whether we seek or not.

And after that, we are separated again
By whether we find or not,
For one will go about it foolishly,
And another will seek simply
For the vanity of being
Thought to be a seeker.
And neither increases the Light
In this world.

To seek it well is to find it.

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