God Will Deal with the Wicked, but That Doesn’t Help Us Now

To be sure, God will deal with the wicked human.
He will most certainly pay the full price
For every one of his sins against humanity.

But this doesn’t help the living, does it?

No! God’s judgment is not meant
To help the living cope with the wicked;
He has given us something else for that.

Long ago, God sanctioned a system of civil justice
By which the society could protect itself
From the menace and the threat.
It went so far as to allow for the dispatching
Of the worst from among the living.

And God help you if you were wicked
In a society that was serious about
Enforcing a standard of righteousness.
Once the people had turned against you,
To whom could you turn for help?
To the God whose righteous judgment
You already know, or should know,
Will condemn you?

Many times this Earth has breathed a sigh of relief
At the end of tyrants and scoundrels
And at the crushing of their cartels.

But our sorry and wayward generation has forgotten that
We don’t have to put up with this corruption.
Though we may complain, we tolerate it
Because we don’t value righteousness enough
To count it worth the trouble of dealing with the wicked,
And we stupidly count corruption as “normal”.

And it always seems normal to put up with Goliaths,
Until some David comes along and puts an end to them—
Or to put up with Kings George
Until some patriots fire a shot heard ’round the world.

In America, we’ve become so lost
As to have forgotten even
That a Jackson can end the Bank, or
That a Ness can put a Capone in jail.

And such is our foolish shame.

But even so, we could be
Roused from our slumber
If we were willing.
And O, what we could do
If we cared to set things right!

But alas!
We must want it this way,
Else, we would have
Changed it by now.

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