Federal Student Loans Were Illegal in the First Place

The student loans that are getting so much attention at present were never legal in the first place. Under our Constitution, the United States Congress never has had authority to initiate such a program. Had the people of the United States nipped it in the bud, it wouldn’t be biting them on the heinie right now.

Funny, though, most Americans never had a problem with it when it seemed to be of benefit to them. And this is why cheating the Constitution is so very popular in this country, for a great many Americans are quite willing to cheat if they see some benefit in it. And now that they’re sore over being bested at their own game, perhaps we can stop to think how it might have been better to do without the student loans, and to have kept up the Rule of Law under the US Constitution.

Most have no idea how much of this sort of cheating is going on—just as they have no idea that they could read the Constitution in under an hour. The Federal Government has zero authority to be involved in education at all. Zero. And look how much worse off the country is since they started getting into it.

We’ll never be a perfect country, but we could certainly be much better if we the people were willing to give up the cheating that we do ourselves. There’s a line about this in my novel, where an angel takes over the State of the Union Address and grabs the Federal Government by the lapels to talk some sense into them all. In the arguments that ensue, he tells a certain senator, “One big difference between you and me, Senator, is that I believe that wrongdoing is wrong, even when you do it.”

And that’s where America’s not quite sure about right and wrong. It’s fairly easy to see when the other guy does it, but when we’re cheating ourselves, it doesn’t seem so bad. So many have taken the unconstitutional loans, and the unconstitutional COVID money, and the unconstitutional federal grants for this and that. So many are employed by unconstitutional government agencies, or are compromised in any of a number of other ways regarding federal overreach. We’re wrapped up in the corruption far deeper than most realize.

But if more of us wanted to be more righteous than we tend to be, we could really get something done here when it comes to national reform. It’s up to us, but let’s not deceiving ourselves that it’s as simple as everyone voting Demublican in November. No, I’m talking about people making the hard choices to cut out their part in the graft.

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