Of a Thousand Injustices

Of a thousand injustices that happen on our watch,
We may perceive but a few—
Even while thinking ourselves keen watchmen
And being fiercely adamant about some of them.

We do not realize that our society has blinded itself
To so much of it,
And that we ourselves are not immune
To the society’s careless habits.

And then comes a radical like Jesus,
Saying that man will be judged for
Every careless word and deed.

And we have to decide whether
To listen to that and take it to heart,
Or whether to carry on with
Business as usual down at
First Careless Church—
The latter being by far
The easier.

And this is our culture.
This is the habit of our times—
The errors of which too many hearts
Are too hardened to admit
And too many ears too deaf to hear,
Even as we carry on adamantly
About whatever those
Damnable Demublicans are doing now.

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