Today’s the Day

Today’s the day we’d rather not think about,
For if we did, we’d have to face the fact
That there is wickedness here
That far surpasses the vengeance
Of some foreign enemy.

We’d rather our enemies be without
And the world’s problems be mostly
What goes on elsewhere,
For this is a sacred land,
We believe,
That is set apart from
The real wickedness of this world.

So the jetliner and boxcutter stories
Suit us just fine.
And we’d rather not be bothered
With any more observations about
How all that just doesn’t add up—
And even if we wanted more,
We already have the controlled demolition
Alternative to explain it all away,
Don’t we?

So, really, what can it hurt to leave it all
Under the rug where we quickly swept it
Twenty-one years ago?

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