What Good is that Amazing Brain You Have?

What good is that amazing brain you have—
Created and loaned by the
Greatest Thinker Ever Himself—
When it is under the charge of a tired spirit
Who has grown so weary in this world
As no longer to care about learning
And discovering and verifying,
And who doesn’t care if it
Learns the truth of a matter or not?
You are duller than you think you are.

If you’re really all that tired,
And just can’t muster the energy
To find the truth,
Perhaps you could quit complaining
About the lies and errors you see in play,
For surely, you are fallen victim
To many other lies that you cannot perceive
As long as you have got your brain shut off.
Really, it’s a bit embarrassing to watch you
Complain about the speck while
You completely miss the log.

Perhaps I should mention that
Your mind wasn’t meant to be shut off;
It was meant to be used—
And used well and true and honorably.
But it’s hard for you to see that
In your self-induced coma.

Please wake up
And learn how to be alive again,
Like you did when you were a kid—
Before they trained you to shut down—
Before you learned to be incurious
And not to care—
Back when there was still some
Wonder in the living and the learning
And the discovery.

You can wake up
If you want.

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