To Find Fault with this World

It may seem to some that
I must have set out at first
To find fault with this world.
But that isn’t the case.

What I set out to find was the truth,
And it was then that it became obvious
That this world is awash
In lie and error alike,
And seems to be stuck in it—
Most of its people being
Blind to the simple fact
That their best hope of
Seeing anything fixed
Is that they should
First fix themselves.

That option being off the table,
What do they have left
But either to complain
Or to sulk in silence?

But put it back on the table,
And you have someone
Who is alive inside,
And quite capable of
Making internal improvements
Both large and small.

And how it must please God
To see someone of that sort!
I’m betting he might just want
To visit with those people
When they’re done down here,
And give them a go
At a different sort of world.

And it is that world
That I have in mind
As I continue to observe
What goes on here—
The differences becoming
Both increasingly obvious
And regrettable to me
As I continue to learn.

And hope runs high.

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