The Peace of Heaven

I suppose there’s not one among us all
Who would not be surprised
At a million things in Heaven—
Should we ever be so blessed
As to be invited to live there.

And having learned something
Of your inner battle, friend,
I wonder whether the biggest surprise for you
Might be the great peace in the hearts
Of the citizens there—

Neither self-accusation,
Nor the echoing of accusations from others—
Neither conflict nor doubt nor uncertainty—
But true and quiet inner peace.

And who knows
If it would take someone
A hundred years
Or a hundred seconds
To get used to that,
After coming out of this fray?

But I don’t suspect there’ll be
Many clocks there, anyway.

And even if there are,
Who cares?

For we will finally have time—
Forever time—
To breathe
And to decompress
And simply,
At long last,
To be.

And later, in that full daylight,
We can wonder at which
Had been the last of our yawns
As our minds wake up fully
To that One Eternal Day.

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