What If Someone?

What if someone actually knew
What you are going through?

And what if they understood
And cared
And shared your pain
And were personally invested
In your well-being?

And what if you weren’t as alone
As you may feel at times?
And what if knowing so
Could make even a tiny
Difference for you
When you feel like giving up?

Well, there are certainly not enough
Friends like that in this world,
But there are some to be had.

And if you don’t have one,
Maybe it’s time you searched again.

And if in your searching,
You should chance upon someone
Who needs a friend like that—
As you do yourself—
You could be blessed
In discovering that there are
Lots of benefits on that side
Of a friendship, too.

You’ll have to risk the searching,
Of course—
And the caring, too—
But once you’ve found it,
You’ll see that it was
Well worth the risk.

And what if someone
Needed you, too?

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