Heaven Knows

There’s good reason to believe
That Heaven knows every little thing
We go through down here,
And that the import of it all
Is not lost on them.

And it may be easy simply to
Say it isn’t so,
Since it’s not like angels
Are popping in to meet our every need,
Nor even to answer our every question
Or help us out of every bind.

But here’s something to ponder:

Suppose Heaven is playing the long game,
Giving us time to decide what sort of people
We want to be—
And enough time to get fairly decent at it if we want.

And suppose that one day,
At long last,
We’ll talk it all over—
Each of us and Heaven, that is—
And discover that Heaven really did know,
And really was watching,
And really did care.

And suppose it will make sense to us then
Better than it does now.

Well, I don’t know about you,
But this thought encourages me.
The more I realize that the reason for
Our time here does have something to do
With us learning and growing and deciding,
The better I can handle the waiting
To see it all come together.

I just need to keep doing what I know is right,
And to keep learning better as I go!

And while I sometimes think I’d love
Some immediate intervention
In this way and that,
I can certainly reason that if God thought
That was best for me right now,
Then that’s exactly what would be happening.

So, I can wait until it’s time.
And I can keep on going—
Always hoping to better
My understanding of things as I go—
And habits, of course.

And one day, probably when I’m busy
With something or other,
They’ll come and get me
And tell me I’m done here.
And they’ll take me to where
I can finally see for myself
Just what’s been going on up there
This whole time.

And I don’t suppose that I will ever
Have had such a moment of things
Making sense
As I will have in that moment.

And with that in mind,
Not knowing know
Doesn’t seem quite
Such a big deal.

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