Admitting the Failure

The United States Constitution was violated quite egregiously in the First Congress of the United States. And if you’re a typical American, you probably don’t even know what acts of Congress violated it. But most of those violations are still in effect to this day. And the citizens have never stormed the castle with their torches and pitch forks. And the cavalry has never come riding over the hill. And the heavens have not opened up to pour out bands of angels to fix it for us. And what we have done—elections—have served for the most part to make it worse.

But when do we make the call that this Great Experiment of government was a failure? When do we make the call that the United States citizen is himself disinterested in that level of goodness and diligence that would be required to reform ourselves to not only the details of the Constitution, but more importantly, to that spirit of citizenship under the Rule of Law?

Well, the answer to these questions seems to be “never”. That’s when.

We, the Peoplewe are the reason we can’t have anything nice. It is our aggregate character that’s the problem. And there is no viable movement aimed at improving the American character. None. Not in the schools. Not in the churches. Not in the media. Rather, the movements we have are either aimed at maintaining the status quo, or making it worse. And even so, almost nobody recognizes this fact. And that failure to recognize the truth is, I believe, our most glaring problem. It is at the core of who we are. And there is no problem that can be fixed for as long as we are not willing to see the truth of such matters.

And so will we languish for another thousand years, without any real hope of reform—unless we get serious about reforming ourselves to goodness and diligence. But we are a great way away from any such reformation for as long as we cling to our Republicrat and Demublican camps, stupidly thinking the one our Savior and the other our Satan when if we would but open our eyes, we could judge by their track records that no matter which is in power, the corruption of 1789, and that corruption that has been perpetrated since, remains corrupt.

America does not want any reform to the Rule of Law. Yes, she desperately wants to win elections, but she most certainly does not want reform. If she did, she would start in her own homes, and if not there, in her own parties. But mark my words: They will never reform themselves—even as they each continue to stab at the other party, casting upon it the lion’s share of the blame for what ails us, and excusing themselves of whatever of the remainder to which they will admit.

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