She Wants a Quick Fix

She wants a quick fix
For a problem that
She doesn’t even really understand,
That has developed
Over many years,
And from a multitude of causes,
Most of which she has not
Even identified yet.

Yet she is certain—
That is to say,
It just feels right—
That there should be
A quick fix
That makes everything
Snap nicely into place,
So that she can get back
To business as usual
As soon as possible.

And this quick-fix habit,
Of course,
Is one of those
Underlying causes
Of the very problem
She seeks to remedy.

The truth of the matter—
The real problem some people have—
Is that good thinking
Is not always conveniently fast
Or easy,
And that good fixes
Are often not quick at all.

And how are you going to find
A quick fix for that?

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