It Does Run Out

One thing about time is that
It does run out.

There comes a day when
The long-assumed good intention
Becomes impossible to carry out—
When adjustments
Can no longer be made—
When remedies can no longer
Be applied—
When important things
Can no longer be said.

There comes a day when
All the good and bad
That we have done
Are accounted for,
And no more can be added to the record—
When extra credit is out of the question—
When it is obviously too late for
Negotiation with the Judge—
When there are no more chances—
When the matter is finally
Out of our hands altogether,
To be decided
Once and for all
By that Righteous Mind.

And when it runs out—
And when we realize it—
We can finally dispense with
With the fog of uncertainty
As to whether it was ever really
Going to run out or not.

And then will come
Our final rewards,
Whatever they will be.
And then,
Some who had here wished
That time would never run out,
Will wish for time to run out again.

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