Predetermined Non-Listening

Quite obviously, when you limit the field length for the incoming message, you are excluding messages that will not fit in the prescribed space. This means you’re probably assuming
that any good message would fit in the box and any that won’t fit must be bad.

But this is all kinds of wrong.

Surely, God himself could tell you more good things than would fit in your little box. And you could argue that, for obvious reasons, you aren’t expecting God to be submitting an answer. But it seems you aren’t expecting that anyone else could have any wisdom that might exceed the limits of your box.

But may I ask why are you searching for an answer at all if you have predetermined that any good answer will be short? Are all problems simple? Are all stories short? Do all songs have but a single verse? Can every question be answered with a sentence? A paragraph? A chapter? A book?

Of course, not! Yet you have chosen to carry on as if it were so. And that’s a problem.

Yes, yes, there are many stupid people in this world who go on and on, far beyond the point at which they’re conveying useful information. But have you adopted a bias that demands that the very mark of stupidity is the use of many words—as if the wisest people in history did not sometimes have lengthy remarks. (They did! Go look it up!)

So while a wise response may be short or long—as far as you know—you have ruled out the long ones. And that makes you, my friend, too busy to listen—even as you count yourself hard at work solving the problems of this world—one of the biggest of which is people not listening.

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