The State of the Art

The state of the art in technology
Has been improved since you started reading this,
While the state of the art in humanity
Has not been improved since the creation.

And it is the way of many to strive
To have the latest device in hand,
While caring nothing to have
That original sense and knowledge about them.

And hasn’t this gone on for quite some time?

Was this not the strife
Even of the first-born Cain—
Who shunned Wisdom for a new master,
And took up the innovation of murder in his hands?

And even so, second-born Abel
Was a different sort—
The Truth still in his heart
Whatever was in his hands.

And at length,
The last would become first
And the first, last.

And it is still so to this day.
And you shall see in time,
Whether you have been
First or second.

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