The Defiance of Self-Banishment: The Way of Cain

Pietro Novelli’s Cain Killing Abel. Credits.

When you hold to a position
That is demonstrably false,
Whether in fact, in logic, or morality—
And you know—
Or should know,
That it is flawed—

This is an outcropping—
This is a signal—
This is an evidence—
That you have mismanaged yourself—
That you have misstepped in this real world.

And we shall see what you shall do next—
Whether you will right yourself,
Or stay the crooked course
On which you find your feet—
That way being the way of Cain.

And we have stood back and watched
As a great many like you have taken refuge
In trying to corrupt others into believing
Such things alongside them—
Apparently in the hope that
If they can’t stand to remain
In the presence of reality,
Being in the company of fools
Will ease the pain of self-banishment.

Cain trudged off to build a city—
To gather people around him—
As if he were not still a restless wander
In his heart of hearts—
Finding no rest for his own soul
In a world where reality is relentless,
Yet pretending it anyway, best he could.

And it appears he never fessed up—
Never turned himself in—
Never softened his heart
To admit to its hardness.

And so he would become the type—
The figurehead—the human progenitor
Of all those who run from God and from
The reality that God has woven into
The very fabric of this beautiful/ugly world—
And who defy sorrow about it
When they see what they have done.

He was the first of all humans to go this way,
But not the first of all beings,
For I suspect that he himself was recruited
Into such emptiness—Tohu Va-Vohu
By Satan, who, quite like himself,
Who would build his own city of sorts,
Recruiting its citizens—Cain being his first—
Right up until his own time would run out,
And they would come get him at last
And take him to where wandering off again
Was simply not an option—
To where the Truth would be
Thenceforth undeniable.

And to this very day,
There remains in the hearts of fools
This feckless hope
That no such verdict will ever come—
Even though they know better.

And it is the knowing that proves the fool
Defiant before God—
Failing to correct what he knows
Is wrong with himself.

And this is the way of Cain.

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